A summer in Ibiza you will never forget. Listen to my summer song Summer In Ibiza!


Azurnuk4 years ago

Voted back thank you! :)

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beautiful track!!! , I voted for you ,
reciprocates if you like !!

Antony4s&Dimitri2v - Comet
Follow us on soundcloud if you like and we'll repay the favor!!

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Ray Marco
Ray Marco4 years ago

Hey dude! Thanks for your feedback on my track!! I like the idea you have going on here but it seems like a few separate ideas combined into one, rather then coming up with one solid creation. I think the ideas overall are good man and have potential but I feel that the track needs to be foundation and glued a bit more cohesive as one rather then being a few completely different ideas man! Keep working at it man, and you'll get it. Lots of tutorials will help you get a better foundation brother! Thanks again man!

For all of you that haven't yet, please check out my contest track, "Marco and Mchugh - Elevate (Original Mix). If you like what you hear, hit that vote button!! I will gladly give your tracks a listen and give you some honest feedback as well;-) Lets all help each other out!

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KALL34 years ago

Hey PB cool track! Voted :D
Check out my new track "charged".:)

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Mazen Sly
Mazen Sly4 years ago

Cool! Voted back!!!

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DJ 5L45H
DJ 5L45H4 years ago

Awesome track man!Voted

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eXtreme09Pure4 years ago

thanks voted back!

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Jonas V
Jonas V4 years ago

The sounds need a bit more work, but keep it up.

Please check also my contest track called Memphis

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ICY4 years ago

Voted bro!! Thanks for the vote you gave me !! I'm glad you like the song !! Keep up the good work!! :-)

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