Summer On You

Sam Feldt x Lucas & Steve feat. Wulf

If you enjoyed the remix I'd appreciate if you could take 2 secs to vote for .Thanks for support


Khare3 years ago

voted back! thanks for support.. :D

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BassyMusic3 years ago

i love it, voted, could u vote for my remix????

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Heartbleve3 years ago

voted, good luck!

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Viscoci3 years ago

Hi Alex,

Thank you for voting for my submission. Your submission is unique and was enjoyable to listen to.

Best of luck,


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cainmusic3 years ago

Unique remix,

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Check out my remix of Summer On You!! Worth the listen!! Potential winner????

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SLH Music
SLH Music3 years ago

voted thank's for voting ;)

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Leomonmusic3 years ago

Voted back dude!

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RONGGAR3 years ago

Voted for you !

mind to check out my track " My Feelings (Original Mix) ",
give me feedback and vote me!


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Joao Capela
Joao Capela3 years ago

You've got my vote!
Could you please vote for my remix as well? Thanks :D

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The TT
The TT3 years ago

the bass seems too overloaded for my taste but fine one, u have my VOTE !! and thanks for supporting me :)!!

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Dj Sandwell
Dj Sandwell3 years ago

HI Man! I voted for your remix! great job

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faminchik3 years ago

Thank you! I also voted!

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Hugo Batista
Hugo Batista3 years ago

Awesome remix! Got my vote , I hope you can vote on my track 'Ethnic Electricity' too ! THANKS BRO and Good luck!

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RUSKYPOP3 years ago

Моя поддержка!

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DR. RADEN3 years ago

Already Voted!

Mind to check my new track " WooW Dance (Original Mix) "
Please vote and feedback!


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Vills3 years ago

Nice one I voted !
Check my new track, Thanks !

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Repin3 years ago

Cool remix)
i voted you track,
please vote back on my remix...^)

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Dilip Desai
Dilip Desai3 years ago

vote for my summer on you remix

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KARR3 years ago

I really enjoyed this remix. Voted! ;) I would really appreciate that if you could vote for my remix too and share your thoughts on it. I'm a 15 year old aspiring producer from Finland.:))

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