Yo my broos!! Here is it! My new track 'Vertigo' MADMATT's socials: FB : YouTube : Twitter :


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Please Vote back for my track "Song To Sleep"

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DAARKER2 years ago


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Antony Vibes
Antony Vibes3 years ago

Hey madmatt,
I love your track! SICK MAAAN!
I'll VOTE for you!
My new track "Breathing Down" is now available, if u like it please VOTE for me!


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RONGGAR3 years ago

Voted for you !

mind to check out my track " My Feelings (Original Mix) ",
give me feedback and vote me!

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X153 years ago

Voted;) Great Vibes ! Hi, I'm X15. I'm back with my new track #Water ! Hear it and say what you think. Do you like it ? Please vote for it ! Thanks

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "The Code"<<<<

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Kevin Díaz Sánchez

hey bro, listen my tracks please

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kushiemonster3 years ago

Great track!!
Please, vote for my track "Shade" too! Thanks!

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Judit Delos
Judit Delos3 years ago

Really good one!, voted for you. Can you vote for my Summer On You Remix? Good luck

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Dailyfools3 years ago

Nice work man, voted this one :) Can you support back on our latest Cheat Codes remix? Thanks!

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Dbrucken3 years ago

I voted for you! Sounds great! Make sure to check out my remix of Can't Fight It! A vote would be much appreciated! Best of luck!

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

.VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "The Code".

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Debro's3 years ago

This awesome track have my vote!!! Check my brand new remix of "can't fight it" and vote if you like. thx:))

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Miltreo3 years ago

This track is awesome! You have my vote! Check me out too, follow, comment, spread the love and vote for my remix "Summer on You"! I’ll do the same! I am counting on you!!

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Biebjack Music3 years ago

Hey madmatt! Voted you my friend :) Would you check my new track and vote for me?

>>> Woopy Doopy <<<

What do you think of it ?

Thank you for your support! ;)

Everyone who votes for me, will get my vote back !!! You have my word !!!!

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OfficialHunter3 years ago

Hunter here, nice track and I can tell you've put effort in the mix too!
Definitely worth the vote!
Now for the shameless plug! :)

Please go listen and vote for my remix for the Summer on You remix contest!
Currently 4th place so please help me get back to no.1!!!
Summer On You (Hunter Remix)

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Heiserr3 years ago

Dope Man! Voted! Please vote for me too (Quintino ft Cheat Codes - Cant Fight It)

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Y.F.N.D3 years ago

voted! great work :)! please vote for my remix of can't fight it much appreciated !

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Tianci3 years ago

Hey Madmatt! Dope track!! VOTED!! Please vote my remix of "Can't Fight It"!! Thanks :)

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DJ Firpo
DJ Firpo3 years ago

...VOTED! Please vote my new exclusive track "The Code".

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