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ApoC Music
ApoC Music3 years ago

The vibes in this remix is good, but the drop needs to be a bit stronger so it fits the melody.

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RJandro3 years ago

Great track! Voted. Please vote for my Can't Fight It (RJandro Remix)

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B.D3 years ago

Voted !! Could you listen to my new song "Sunrise"? It would be amazing if you could vote me

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DIDRIKSSON3 years ago

Hey! i voted on your remix! Vote on my Cant fight it remix TY

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Glenn Mes
Glenn Mes3 years ago

Nice remix! really love the vibes! Got my vote for sure!

Check out my track Glenn Mes - Raw Industry (Original Mix)

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Zurxes3 years ago

Nice track... Voted for you.... Check out remix of Can't Fight it... and please vote for it... :)

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SkyOnex3 years ago

I love it! I can hear it all day! pls vote me back

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Snyckers Djs
Snyckers Djs3 years ago

i vote your amazing remix
your style is fucking awsome
can you vote back my can't fight it remix? Please
I need much support
thank you man!

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CASRO3 years ago

Cool peace bro! Voted.

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D@mi@n3 years ago

Thanks Man.

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Shockwaves3 years ago

Well done !!! Check my remix my remix of Gareth Emery "Save me"

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DIDRIKSSON3 years ago

I voted! nice remix there! vote for my ''remix cant fight it'' :)

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Brush3 years ago

wow!! it's very good!!! Voted!!
Vote my remix of quintino plsss <3

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Joffrey lorquet
Joffrey lorquet3 years ago

Great Remix Jay, The track has potential. Hopefully you make it far. I voted on it , Could You Check My Can't Fight It Remix Please ? It's On My Profile . I'd Appreciate.

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Nikolaa3 years ago

Voted it man! Great track btw. Vote for my can't fight it remix if u like it!

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threads3 years ago

Vote for my Cant Fight Me Remix !

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megamusicx3 years ago

This is an amazing remix of Cold Water. I really like this Track. Please listen to my Track Feel free to make party.

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Lewén3 years ago

Nice! Voted! Please listen to my Cant Fight It remix and vote back :)

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ffefrsg3 years ago

Voted bro also vote for my remix cant fight it

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D'Andrè3 years ago

Voted!! :)
Vote for my remix.
Thanks :)

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