New Future from me!! Let me know what you think.


Fuocco3 years ago

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Feel free to vote back :)
Good luck

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Don Daniel
Don Daniel3 years ago

I voted for you!
Please check out my song "Easy" for the ADE demo drop contest.

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mrdjweed3 years ago

Great mix here, nice work voted!
Check on my Contest track Mrdjweed it's just another day, support and feedback appreciated, keep in touch .

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DRSH3 years ago

Voted bro !! I really love your track !! Great formations !! IF you don't mind To vote my track "DROP THAT FAT BEAT" in contest section it will be great !! PLZZ :) !!! :)

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Donald J. Trump3 years ago

Voted....Great Track...Brilliant :))))))

Please vote for my song in the contest, if you think it deserves so:)

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Lucha3 years ago

Awsome track man, I love it! Voted! Vote for me too! Thanks!

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Marky V-lectro
Marky V-lectro3 years ago

Well produced song, ArCommando! Please check out my tracks as well. Thanks! ... All the best!

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Roby Koenigs
Roby Koenigs3 years ago

Voted for your track! Can you please vote back for my song "The Beginning"? Thank you so much!!
Best of luck from Croatia!!!

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Ezlute3 years ago

Nice! :) :)
You can vote if you like my remix :)

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SHKHR3 years ago

Hey There...
Nice Track!!!
Would be great if you can vote for my remix of Can't Fight It and help me to get into the top 10!!!!

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Danero3 years ago

Hi, I really like your track and VOTED for it! You can check it on my profile if you don't believe me! It would be really nice if you could support me back and VOTE for my Can't Fight It Remix!!

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Fleecex3 years ago

Nice track man! Really Enjoyed the vibe of your song. I voted for your track and was wondering if you could vote in return! ewew

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MAJOO3 years ago

I voted! #VOTE4VOTE? Plz check out 'Can't Fight It (Markus Johnsen Remix)' and give it a vote back! ;D

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DJ XiNi3 years ago

Nice! I Voted!
Check out my track 'Sea of Love' and vote if you like it! Thanks!

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Hey bro! AWESOME Track !! You have 100% my VOTE and SUPPORT!!

Please vote back for my song "Ecstasis" in Contests!!

Keep up your great work!!!!

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resist3 years ago

cool song really good job voted please check out my song Glass Houses too an vote

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Djmaxlietta3 years ago

Great work..Voted. Listen & vote me & What do you think fro my track"Situation".

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7431496591446043 years ago

nice track dude!

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MarsGlass3 years ago

Great Track!! Voted!

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MIRLZ3 years ago


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