Dec 7, 2023

It’s holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than hitting the studio with a fresh batch of sounds and samples? Together with Splice we've got you covered, with our three editions of acclaimed Spinnin’ Sounds sample pack series in one big burst of December madness. Get your tunes rolling with a fresh collection of sounds in genres Deep, Phonk and Tech House Vol. 2,!

Diving into Deep, you can’t go wrong, as this package brings the best sounds from various genres in house music. Whether it’s tech house, piano house, UK house, progressive or bass house, this sample pack brings it all together. Containing over 200 audio samples and loops from steely beats to jazzy grooves, you’ll be sure to elevate your sound with the most effective tools. When it comes to Phonk, you know what’s coming at you, as this increasingly popular music genre is known for its heavy beats and dark, distorted sounds. Expect some surprising twists in this package, though, as it contains sounds that vary in tempo, including heavy bass and punchy drums kicks. With over 200 audio samples and loops ranging from melodic synths to dark beats, you’ve immediately got the goods for a massive phonk house anthem. Adding more excitement to this release, is the long-awaited follow up to one of Spinnin’s most in-demand packages: Tech House Vol. 2. This second edition definitely brings the genre further to life, with minimal techno and piano grooves coming together through steely bass loops, melodies, and effects. Discover a ton of crafted tech house sounds that will catapult your tracks straight to the dancefloor. 

Spinnin’ Sounds takes things further like never before, making sure the music won’t stop this holiday season, with a gust of studio weapons now available for use!

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