Jun 1, 2023

World’s Biggest Demo Drop is the biggest DJ competition of the year at Spinnin’ Records, where we challenge the Spinnin’ Talent Pool community to step into the spotlight and send their best work to have the opportunity to win a release on Spinnin’ Records, which is a dream come true for many aspiring producers out there. The ambassador of WBDD is legend DJ Tiësto, who is judging the entries together with many Spinnin’ artists and the Spinnin’ A&R team.  

For this years biggest demo contest for our aspiring DJ community 5 winners could win their own event in Sandbox. Together with the WMG New Business & Gaming teams we developed a special Spinnin’ club inside Warner Land in Sandbox, where the 5 finalists all had their own avatar, their tracks where playing for people to party to and visitors and fans could buy several NFT’s from Spinnin’ Records.

The entire event was hosted by Spinnin’ artist Mike Williams, who welcomed visitors and performed his mix of all winning tracks.

You can imagine the excitement for an aspiring DJ’s to win such a prize. A great finale to the 2022 edition of World’s Biggest Demo Drop.

The event was the best possible finale of the 2022 edition of Worlds Biggest Demo Drop.


Campaign reach: 295.413
Sandbox event visitors: 28.340 unique visitors