Jan 22, 2024


Spinnin'Academy has been a key presence at ADE throughout the years, and this year is no exception. With the help of its partners, Spinnin' Records presented a series of masterclasses and workshops that help aspiring artists and industry professionals alike.

The ambassador of this year’s Spinnin’ Academy, the one and only KSHMR, was back with his masterclass ‘Lessons from KSHMR: live at Spinnin’ Academy.’ Spinnin’ Academy hosted a panel on ‘how to build a sustainable artist career’ with Juicy M, Lady Bee, Mickelle Heijmans and Susanne Hazedonk. AlphaTheta Pioneer DJ hosted a live performance masterclass, and sound wellness company Endel did a masterclass on AI & Functional Music. Spinnin’ Q&A returned with the Spinnin’ A&R team and LUM!X.

Spinnin’ proudly announced Endel as one of the partners of Spinnin’ Academy, a sound wellness company that created a WBDD soundscape with the finalist tracks and hosted a masterclass on how the WBDD Finalist tracks were made and how functional music works. This will act as a part of a larger partnership between Endel x Spinnin’ Records.

World-renowned AlphaTheta (formerly Pioneer DJ) was also a proud partner of Spinnin’ Academy, joining us with a special DJ Experience Room. Visitors were introduced to AlphaTheta’s iconic products, new and old, letting you learn, touch, and play. Furthermore, AlphaTheta hosted a masterclass DDJ-FLX10 focussing on live performance, following the previously hosted virtual masterclass on the same topic, which can be found on the Spinnin' Talent Pool YouTube channel.

Lastly, AlphaTheta was a part of the WBDD finals, where they gave the demo droppers the opportunity to immediately re-format their track on the DJS-1000 on-site alongside helping the finalists and jury membership, where they awarded AlphaTheta products to all four finalists.


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Partners of the event

Dharma Worldwide, Alpha-Theta Pioneer DJ, ENDEL

The World's Biggest Demo Drop, known to give up-and-coming producers a chance to take their talents to the next level, was again on the hunt for the next big music sensation! In partnership with Dharma Worldwide, Spinnin' Records gave up-and-coming producers an incredible chance to advance their careers by having a chance at winning a release on Spinnin' Records or Dharma. Plus, one of the release winners (or an additional winner) has won the opening slot at Spinnin' Sessions at Amsterdam Dance Event 2023.

Throughout the contest, entrants have had multiple opportunities to interact with Spinnin' Records artists like farfetch'd, Joe Stone, MARF, PAJANE, POLTERGST, Selva, Steff da Campo, Voost, Wave Wave and the contest ambassador KSHMR to receive valuable feedback. To help hone in on their talents, Spinnin' Records hosted artist coaching sessions on the label's Discord server, video feedback sessions led by Spinnin' Records A&R, and a special Discord feedback session by KSHMR.

Aspiring producers in the second round prepared a 20-minute DJ mix for the public voting period hosted on SoundCloud, where the public was able to vote for their favorite tracks by streaming or liking their track(s) of choice. Four impressive finalists were then invited to join Spinnin' Records at Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 at Hotel Arena for a day of activities and a real-life DJ battle. This was the final round of 2023's WBDD. At the conclusion of this event, Spinnin' Records announced and crowned the winners of releases on Spinnin' Records and Dharma as well as the winner of the opening slot of the Talent Stage at Spinnin' Sessions ADE 2023, marking the end of the worldwide demo contest. Winners were also awarded DDJ-FLX10 controllers by Alpha Theta-Pioneer DJ and featured on the WBDD soundscape by ENDEL.


Spinnin' Records & opening slot Talent Stage: ZEZART - Taking The Lead

Dharma: Destro, Din & Vic - Combinator

Talent Pool: BLVNK - Terrified

Talent Pool: Jop Govers - 808

Additionally, to celebrate the annual contest, Spinnin' Records set up a dedicated demo-drop area at Hotel Arena, which gave artists a chance to receive face-to-face feedback from the following artists (in alphabetical order):


Bounce Inc.
Chris (Spinnin' Records A&R)
DJ Kuba & Neitan
Jay Hardway
Jorn (Spinnin' Records A&R)
Marco (Spinnin' Records A&R)
Mariana BO
Ortzy (Spinnin' Records A&R)
Robert-Jan (Spinnin' Records A&R)
Wave Wave