Spinnin' Records x Sony 360RA

Jun 17, 2020

WHAT IS SONY 360 Reality Audio?
360 Reality Audio is a new music experience that uses Sony's object-based spatial audio technology. Individual sounds such as vocals, chorus, piano, guitar, bass and even sounds of the live audience can be placed in a 360 spherical sound field, giving artists and creators a new way to express their creativity. Listeners can be immersed in a field of sound exactly as intended by artists and creators. Music content created in this new format for 360 Reality Audio can be enjoyed through compatible music streaming service smartphone app.

Introduce artists and fans to the 360 Reality Audio by making more than 50 Spinnin’ tracks compatible with 360 Reality Audio and give Mike Williams and Mesto a firsthand experience of the technique in The Crypt Studio in London.

This collaboration is a match made in heaven for us. As the world’s leading dance music label we’re always looking for innovative techniques and experiences we can introduce our fans and artists to. When we first heard about Sony’s 360 Reality Audio the first thing that came to our mind is how it would sound like with some of Spinnin’s finest releases. 

We selected more than 50 tracks from various artists which were perfect to be made compatible with the 360 Reality Audio technique and headed over to The Crypt Studio in London, where Sony has a special 360 Reality Audio set up, studio with Mike Williams and Mesto, who became the ambassadors of this partnership. We filmed their firsthand experience listening to their own converted tracks, later to be used in the online campaign.

Once the tracks were converted using the 360 Reality Audio technique, we teamed up with Deezer, who was an early supporter of 360 Reality Audio, to create a huge playlist consisting of all tracks. Which can be found on ‘360 by Deezer’. We launched the playlist together with the first video of Mike Williams, made during the visit to the London studio, marking the start of our online campaign.

We posted multiple stories leading to the playlist, the videos of Mike Williams and Mesto on Spinnin’ TV and feed posts for the videos. At the same time, the artists also posted about the collaboration and we ran ad campaigns on social and YouTube. All of these efforts combined led to 1.7 million social reach and the two YouTube videos both having over 150.000 views. 

The last step we took was getting other artists on board, whose tracks were also in the 360RA playlist. With the help of Lucas & Steve, Breathe Carolina, Quintino and Curbi we were able to generate another 300.000+ reach and more than 1000 link clicks to the Deezer playlist.

Total social reach: 1.724.303
Total views Mike Williams YouTube video: 178.422
Total views Mesto YouTube video: 166.648
Total reach Mike Williams socials: 75.539
Total reach Mesto socials: 78.365
Total reach other artists socials: 311.539