KPN & Amsterdam Dance Event

Oct 30, 2015


> 250.000 people reached via Sam Feldt Social Channels


> 50.000 video views

Demo session

> 100 DJ’s on location with their Demo


120.000 people reached with Top 5 ADE

Secret Demo Session with Sam Feldt

Amsterdam Dance Event is all about dance music and this huge exhibition attracts a lot of DJ Talents to the Dutch capital. For five days they get the chance to be up close and personal with the biggest DJ’s out there, follow seminars of the best in the industry and party all night long in one of the many clubs.

KPN, one of the major sponsors of ADE, wanted to focus on this group of upcoming talents, and help them on their quest to fame. So, together with Global Partnerships, mister SAM, KPN, Spinnin’ Records and artist Sam Feldt were brought together for a Secret Demo Session at ADE. Somewhere in the city DJ Sam Feldt and Spinnin’s Head of A&R where hanging out to judge demos, DJ Talents had to figure out where the studio was by viewing a teaser video.

Which worked, as ADE's Friday saw a large group of DJ Talents standing outside the studio, waiting on their chance to have their demo listened to and judged by Sam Feldt and Spinnin's Head of A&R. The concept was received very positively by all talents, as it gave them the opportunity to get high quality feedback on their demo and the knowledge to proceed in building their careers.


Kris Kross Amsterdam Top 5

Following KPN’s partnership with the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Dutch Mobile Phone provider also teamed up with Spinnin’ Records and VICE Media, joining forces and creating special content with DJ act Kris Kross Amsterdam. The group took part in making content for KPN’s online platform Music State, where KPN posted a lot of dance content leading up to and during ADE. Kris Kross Amsterdam were asked to give their view on the best events at Amsterdam Dance Event.