Spinnin' Next Ibiza

Sep 23, 2017

YouTube webisodes

Total YouTube views: 785.000

'Give it up'

Mike Williams his release ‘ Give it up’ was written during the Spinnin’ Next writing camp

Social media

Total social media reach of 2.279.127


Spinnin’ Next is a group of young, talented Spinnin’ artists, who have the potential to become the next big stars in dance music. Spinnin’ Next is the platform Spinnin’ Records wants to give to young, promising artists to give them that little extra push in their career. This is because Spinnin’ Records cares a lot about educating the next generation of producers, something Spinnin’ puts a lot of time and effort in as the biggest dance label in the world.

With Spinnin’ Next Spinnin’ wants to showcase more than just the music of an artist. Who are they as a person? What are their stories? Who do they want to become as an artist? These are all background stories you’ll get to know through Spinnin’ Next. The artists who were originally part of the Spinnin’ Next crew were Mike Williams, Trobi, Dastic, Mesto, Sophie Francis, Curbi, Carta, Dante Klein, and Throttle.


Find new ways to create unique content for Spinnin’ TV on YouTube to promote the Spinnin’ Next artists.

Mike Williams:

“Because of the amazing atmosphere on the island and the great group I was with, I got a lot of musical inspiration and created 'Give It Up' together with the singer and songwriters who were at the writing camp. The track was finally released!”


Spinnin’ Next was born out of the idea to have a platform for talented Spinnin’ artists who believe in to be the next generation of Dance music artists. Spinnin’ Next serves as a place to showcase these artists more than just their music. You’ll get to know information like who they are as a person and who do they want to become as an artist. This turned out to be a perfect match with the need of our 20 million strong YouTube following to see more than just the music videos of our artists. Thus, we set up a YouTube series of 6 episodes with the Spinnin’ Next artists Mike Williams, Trobi, Dastic, Mesto and Dante Klein. The series was filmed on Ibiza and multiple brands were naturally integrated in the episodes. All of the activities on Ibiza were also shared on the Instagram account of Spinnin Next. With nearly 800,000 YouTube views and a reach of 2.2 million on social media, the series were a huge success! Check out all episodes here


We noticed our huge YouTube following of more than 20 million subscribers wanted to see more of our artists than just their music videos. In the age of social media where you get to see way more of an artist his personal life, we didn’t want our YouTube to fall behind. This resulted in us thinking of new ways of creating content for our YouTube channel.

The first Spinnin’ Next project was the creation of a YouTube series, with 6 episodes, on Ibiza. We followed 5 of the Next artists while they were on Ibiza, Mike Williams, Trobi, Dastic, Mesto and Dante Klein. The program was a mix of work and pleasure. The artists went to the Sonic Vista studios to produce new music, they played at Café Mambo and organized their own boat party as their work part. Next to that they also had a nice change of pace with time to go clubbing, go to the beach, and a day on a boat. All of this was also shared on the Spinnin’ Next Instagram account.

To make this production possible we partnered up with various companies, including Sixt Car Rental, who provided three SUV’s for the whole week, and Red Bull, who provided the studios for two days. Both brands were naturally integrated in the episodes, to promote them in a cool and relevant way.  

The series were a big success with a total of nearly 800.000 views on YouTube and a social media reach of 2.2 million on social media. Next to that, Mike Williams his big single ‘Give It Up’ was made during the trip!

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