Kris Kross Amsterdam X Samsung Galaxy

Jun 2, 2021

Researchers have suggested that a song can facilitate the recall of a text or a moment. Following this phenomenon, we wanted to help people highlight the beats of their memories, hence we created a bridge and joined forces with Samsung and the Dutch DJ trio Kris Kross Amsterdam. This partnership aimed to bring a new experience with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live to every music fan.

Kris Kross Amsterdam, or KKA, started in 2011 when two brothers in Amsterdam, Sander and Jordy Huisman, decided to host parties where could play what they wanted: an unconventional mix of R&B, hip hop, twerk, trap and house. In 2014 MC Yuki Kempees joined and transformed the duo into a trio.

KKA had several releases with extreme impact and worldwide attention, like "SEX" featuring Cheat Codes, "Are You Sure?" Featuring Conor Maynard and Ty Dolla $ign, and "Whenever" featuring Conor and The Boy Next Door. With their first Dutch hit "Hij Is Van Mij", they immediately climbed to the #1 position of the Dutch charts. Their most recent success in Dutch soil is a single featuring Lil' Kleine and Yade Lauren called "Mij Niet Eens Gezien". All these successes made KKA a perfect partner for Samsung.

Kris Kross Amsterdam also created a track dedicated to this partnership, because "Every memory has its own soundtrack!"

Spinnin' Records Promo

Besides the YouTube video, we also shared three story snippets on Spinnin' Records' Instagram account, with a combined reach of 190K.

Youtube Views


169,6K individual views

Kris Kross Amsterdam Promo

Kris Kross Amsterdam also posted three snippets of 15 seconds on their stories and reels, accumulating the following numbers:

Stories: 6.7K reach

Reels: 25K reach


When asked, Samsung was very positive about the cooperation and the results it gathered. The advertising campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram in The Netherlands, reaching almost 2 million people and having a favorable cost per view/click.


At Spinnin' we were mainly responsible for the video production and promotion of this partnership, which you can see below.