Watch Mr. Belt & Wezol review music from Spinnin's Talent Pool

Jan 11, 2016

Check  out how Dutch DJ duo Mr. Belt & Wezol reviews music from Spinnin's Talent Pool!

Already announced last month, when the guys took Sam Feldt for a ride, this month Mr. Belt & Wezol are having a listen to some tracks from Spinnin' Talent Pool. The concept of the 'Demo Ride' is simple, the duo drives around for about 20 minutes, checking out demos while they make their way through traffic.

It's a recurring feature on the guys' YouTube channel, every episode having its own theme. As said, this time it's all about the Talent Pool, as the duo reviews tracks from Talent Pool artists Etto & Michael Prado feat. Roger Mazzeo, Humain, Nick Monolog, Reech and Starlights.

Check out Mr. Belt & Wezol's Demo Ride right here!