Check out Kris Kross Amsterdam behind the decks

Mar 4, 2016

Their new single 'SEX' (together with Cheat Codes) is making huge waves, and the boys of Kris Kross Amsterdam aren't about to stop anytime soon. Check out this performance they did at Dutch radio station SLAM.

Just a quick update on how huge 'SEX' is getting these days. Officially released two weeks ago, the track has gained over 2 million (!) Spotify plays by now, over a million plays on SoundCloud, while the really cool video that comes with it has also been viewed over a million times already..

So, yeah, this track is making moves, getting bigger by the day. Which was underlined once more this week, when influential dance radio station SLAM titled 'SEX' its Grand Slam tune of the week. Of course, they were eager to invite Kris Kross Amsterdam for a guest performance, which you can check out below.

[Btw, for all you 'SEX' addicts out there, Kris Kross Amsterdam is officially presenting the single at its highly popular club event this weekend. It's a soldout event, but there's always some tickets available at the door. So, in case you're on Amsterdam grounds this Saturday, check it out right here]