Exclusive interview Ummet Ozcan: 'We need more flavors!'

Mar 30, 2016

He's making waves with his 'Spacecats' as we speak, time for an exclusive talk with Ummet Ozcan about experimenting, movie soundtracks and Mayan culture.

Hey there, what have you been up to lately? 
"Hi! I just came back from a crazy weekend in Dubai and Vietnam. In Vietnam I played a big festival together with Steve Aoki and Headhunterz. Awesome crowd, and we’ve had big fun together!"

You’re new single ‘Space Cats’ is getting huge response, climbing the charts as we speak. What can you tell us about this track? 
"Yes, Spacecats is very well received, so I am really happy! I'm always trying to come up with things that haven’t really been done before, so I figured the track needed a kind of freaky drop. It’s almost unconventional and that is exciting." 

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
I like to experiment more then I did a few years ago. I feel I can be an influencer now if it comes to style and progression. It’s very important that we keep renewing the sound to keep it cool and attractive for everyone." 

If music wasn't your priority, what would you be working on instead?
"I would definitely be an IT guy, developing cool useful software or plugins. I like to program and work on my own digital inventions:) As a matter of fact, I'm already doing that, you may say I am a sound nerd."

What has been the coolest thing in your musical career up till now?
"There were a number of very special moments for me, but to mention one highlight, my first time on Tomorrowlands Mainstage left a big impression on me."

What artists/movies/books/art inspires you the most when creating music? 
"I like native art and old extinguished cultures. For example the Mayan culture which is very mystical and is all about pureness. I always try to bring some pureness in my sounds."

What do you think is the most interesting development in dance music these days?
It’s getting more diverse and that’s a good thing. We need more flavors to choose from!" 

What are your goals for the future?
"I would love to do a soundtrack for a feature film, that would be awesome. Including the soundFX of course. It’s so cool to add sounds to images and bring it alive."

And finally, what would you advise the upcoming stars on our Talent Pool? 
The most important thing, it has to be your passion, also sound design is very important.  These are the building blocks of making music and will help you to make your own signature sound. It’s a tough road, but keep believing in yourself!"

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