Free download! Bougenvilla giving you a 'Sunshower'

Apr 1, 2016

We can officially say it's spring time now, so why not take a 'Sunshower', brought to you by Dutch pride Bougenvilla. And the best thing is, their new single is completely free to download!

Not bothered by any limitations when it comes to underground versus mainstream, Dutch duo Bougenvilla combines everything that's made dance so appealing throughout the years. Bringing together classic vibes as well as the sounds from deep and future house, here's a duo that knows the craft of getting dance floors in a frenzy.

Their newest track ‘Sunshower’ is a good example showing how well they master this craft. “The melody for ‘Sunshower’ was recorded in one take and was straight away as we desired. A year ago we produced the track, we finished it in three hours.”, explains Shefida, one of the Bougenvilla bad boys.

As said, the track is free to download as of now! Released on Spinnin' Premium it's available for the next two week, just check the Premium page and get it while it's hot. Enjoy!