Exclusive interview Michael Calfan: 'Create your own trend'

Apr 26, 2016

Michael Calfan is about to release his brand new single 'Brothers'. So, high time we talked with the French house master about travelling, cutted pitch vocals and buying Spinnin' Records.

Hey there, what have you been up to lately? 
"I was on tour in Asia for 10 days, amazing experience! It was the first time for me in Tokyo and this city is just great!"

You’re new single ‘Brothers’ is getting huge responses. What can you tell us about this track? 
I started this project about three years ago under a nickname and reactions on Soundcloud and blogs were great so I decided to rework it. I waited maybe two years, made three or four new versions until I made the final one. I finished the last version just a few months ago."

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
"For sure, you know, for me it’s important to not be stuck in one genre. Everybody is waiting for me to deliver this piano drop, so I love to surprise people. Music is too rich to be locked in the same thing, just because people are loving or expecting that.."

If music wasn't your priority, what would you be working on instead?
"Probably skateboarding!"

What has been the coolest thing in your musical career up till now?
My whole career. Can you imagine, travelling around the world, meeting amazing people just because you are doing what you love! So good!"

What artists/movies/books/art inspires you the most when creating music?
Everything is inspiring, when I’m watching a movie, when I’m travelling, when I’m meeting people or listening to old school music. I don’t know why or how (and I’m not crazy, I hope) but every time I’m seeing something, I have music in my head, so I stop what I’m doing and going to the computer to make it."

What is the most interesting/funny rumor about you? 
Honestly I don’t know any rumor about me, and if you know some please let me know haha!"

What do you think is the most interesting development in dance music these days?
"It’s how fast the music is changing. Every six months a new trend is coming. At the moment everybody is looking for cutted pitch vocals and in six months it will be something else. It’s really interesting, but I trust my heart and trying to not follow the trend because it’s already a trend. You have to create it!"

What are your goals for the future?
"Probably buy Spinnin Records :) "

And finally, what would you advise the upcoming stars on our Talent Pool? 
The most important is doing your music and not copy others because it works. Of course it will take some time or maybe you’ll get lucky, but you have to do what you love and not do what people are expecting."

Stay tuned for more Michael Calfan!