Exclusive interview TV Noise: 'We're doing everything different now'

May 16, 2016

TV Noise is back! Their new single 'Bring Me Down' is going through the roof, so we just had to check how things are going with them, and had a short but sweet talk about their music, a new direction and 'real' instruments. 

Hey there, what have you been up to lately? 
"Hey! Last year we made the decision to do everything different. New music direction, new visuals and a new branding. We did a lot of studio sessions with singers and songwriters and worked in the studio for over a year to get everything ready. Now it’s finally time to get it out there. After 'Bring Me Down', there is so much more coming up!"

New single ‘Bring Me Down’ is getting some good responses for sure! What can you tell us about this track? 
Bring Me Down' is very special for us. We started this single about eight months ago on a writerscamp in The Netherlands, where we met Bright Sparks. We recorded the vocals on some piano chords and started building the song around it. In the process we used more ‘real’ instruments; for instance Bright Sparks came up with this guitar line, which you can hear in the single. After that studio session we worked on the record for about a month to finish it and mix it properly. We’re extremely happy with the result because it fits our musical direction perfectly and it’s a great introduction to all the other singles that are coming up."

What has been the coolest thing in your musical career up till now?
"To be honest, the past year was very special. It was a long process in which we have turned into this whole new direction. The music we’re making right now fits our vision on how we like music best. It was a hard way to get there but we think our new singles are now on the level where it should be. You could say that this new direction is a highlight in our musical career."

What do you think is the most interesting development in dance music these days?
"These days dance is mixed with a lot of different styles and that’s something we really like because it makes it more interesting. It’s something we can relate to and put our creativity in."

And finally, what would you advise the upcoming stars on our Talent Pool? 
We think it’s really important to stay close to yourself when you are making music. When you actually like what you produce and you put everything into a song, your audience is able to hear this."   

Stay tuned for more TV Noise.

imgs by Sophie van der Perre