Oliver Heldens speaks career and 2 year anniversary Heldeep Radio

May 28, 2016

Oliver Heldens is celebrating 2 years of Heldeep Radio with a very special episode, plus an exclusive double-interview with 1001tracklists. Here's what you can expect.

It's been an amazing ride for Oliver Heldens these last couple of years. The Dutch DJ saw most of his tracks rise to critical acclaim, starting with the blistering tune 'Gecko' back in 2013. After that, the rollercoaster of worldwide recognition started, playing mainstages everywhere, releasing one hit after another. 

In the meantime, his Heldeep Radio show got massively popular, now reaching its 2 Year Anniversary which is celebrated during the, extra long 104th episode that just went live. For this show, Oliver asked his listeners to send over their favorite track of the last two years - the tracks that were requested the most he'll play on the show!

In honor of this landmark episode, Oliver recently did an exclusive double-interview with 1001tracklists, talking about his career up till now, his Heldeep label, HI-LO alias, but also favorite tracks and what he does when he has time to chill out.

Short teaser, his favorite own track still is 'Gecko': "It all started in my bedroom and the whole process of getting it signed to Musical Freedom and it being an ID was really exciting. It was received so well. I couldn’t have ever dreamed that all of this would come out of it!", he says about it. Read more in the full Career Reflection Interview on 1001tracklists.

Secondly, the DJ presented an exclusive premiere of his celebratory radio show at 1001tracklists, while talking about the show and of course this very special edition: "It’s a 2 hour show, packed with cool tracks, so it’s hard for me to pick just a few. The show consists of tracks that were suggested on social media, some personal favorites I’ve played before, and a few of my own tracks. All I can say is just listen to it and enjoy every track!"

Read more in part two of the interview focusing on Heldeep Radio, and listen to the celebratory episode right here: