Spinnin' Records welcomes Trobi!

Sep 12, 2016

Today, Spinnin' Records welcomes another very talented DJ/producer to the family. This is Trobi! 

Only 16-years old, Dutch artist Bryan du Chatenier aka Trobi has been making waves for a while now with his productions. Get this, he started DJing at the age of nine already, performing at his own drive-in shows, recently producing really cool tracks, coached by well known producer Boaz van de Beatz. 

Picked up by Spinnin' Records, he signed an exclusive deal with the label today!

Congratulations Trobi! How does this make you feel?
"Very happy, and proud of course! This is a dream come true, and it goes to show: hard work pays off!"

How would you describe the sound and style you are bringing to the label?
"Warm house music that makes you feel like summer, I guess. I like to produce sunny sounds, much of the time uplifting and feelgood. I also use a lot of animal sounds for this, especially bird sounds haha! Just listen carefully to all of my tracks, you can hear birds in every one of them."

What original track or remix defines you the best so far?
"There's lots of tracks I could mention, also the new things I'm working on right now. But these haven't been released yet, so perhaps you can listen to the remix I made of Jay Hardway's 'Electric Elephants' a couple of months ago - this way you'll get a nice first impression."

What would you like to achieve at Spinnin' Records?
"Well, I started with my own drive-in DJ show at a very young age, and was able to make this a success all by my own. Now I would like to do the same and become a well known name in the Spinnin' family."

You must be working on new releases already. What can we expect soon?
"I'm working on a lot of projects, together with Boaz, who provides amazing support. There's lots of new stuff coming, including collabs with international artists. I'll keep you posted on this; right now I'm simply in heaven with signing with Spinnin' Records - the dream continues!"

Trobi (fourth from the right)

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STEVE KINGS1 year ago

Congratulation Trobi :D you are a excelent talent

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