Mesto signs with Spinnin' Records

Oct 10, 2016

Dutch DJ Mesto has signed an exclusive deal with Spinnin' Records today. And he's bound to make some waves soon!

He's only 17 years old and, like many of us, has been making music in his bedroom for a couple of years now. Last year, his name suddenly started buzzing around, when Martin Garrix played one of his new tracks on Ultra Music Festival's mainstage - as 'Bouncy Bob' featured none other than Justin Mylo AND Mesto! 

As Mesto had also already scored a nice club hit with 'Tetris', he was now officially one of the young, rising stars of dance music. And, well, it's completely official now, as he has signed an exclusive deal with Spinnin' Records today, as well as a co-management deal with MusicAllStars Management. 

Congratulations Mesto! How does this make you feel?
"This is amazing. I've always looked up to Spinnin' Records, you could say it was one of my goals to end up at this label. To finally get signed here feels very, very rewarding."

How would you describe the sound and style you are bringing to the label?
"I like to mix up different styles and try to create something original with that. Because this includes genres like future house and bounce, it's already been said my music is some sort of 'future bounce'. Which is funny to hear, but also a compliment - my music probably has some sort of trademark sound."   

What original track or remix defines you the best so far?
"I think the last bootleg I made gives a pretty accurate impression of my sound right now - a remix of G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha's 'Me, Myself & I'."

What would you like to achieve at Spinnin' Records?
"To spread my music as wide as possible. And hopefully once end up at Ultra's mainstage myself."

You must be working on new releases already. What can we expect soon?
"Well, I have loads of new tracks lined up. Hope to get some out this year already!"

[DJ/producer Mesto, in the middle]

Follow Mesto on Facebook, and don't forget to party with him at ADE, where he's playing a party together with Mike Williams and Justin Mylo, as well as Vato Gonzalez presents Dirty House.

FroySting-music8 days ago

😥, but I also will be
one day signed by you!

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RAD REDMAN2 years ago

long time coming ! excited for new sounds

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SuriaPirates2 years ago

Congratz on your success! Keep it up Mesto!

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Unisyn2 years ago

From one artist to another, congratulations on your new success! Keep up the great work! ~Chris Murray (Unisyn)

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Viterlo2 years ago

the new revelation artist?

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6096410425172802 years ago

thats good news good luck

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Mr.ESH2 years ago

Congratulations! Like you I'm making music and dream about a contract with Spinin'

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