Spinnin' Records & Earproof team up for exclusive earplugs

Oct 12, 2016

Spinnin' Records has teamed up with recognized earplug supplier Earproof for the global campaign MORE MUSIC. Goal is to create awareness for the effect loud music can have on the ears, underlined with the creation of exclusively made Spinnin' earplugs.

It's a well known problem in the music scene, the sound your ears are exposed to during concerts and dance events. As one of the world's leading dance music labels, Spinnin' Records is aware of this problem, and wants to actively contribute to a solution.

And so, MORE MUSIC came into life, a global campaign by Earproof and Spinnin' Records to create more awareness and make people enjoy safe listening levels of music during events. For this, exclusive Spinnin' earplugs were made, containing a special music filter that provides the ears with extra protection. 

The earplugs are well designed and made of medical grade environmental friendly TPE, making the earplugs soft and comfortable to wear. At the same time the music earplugs let you experience music as beautiful as possible. The special music filters give a flat attenuation that will make you experience the entire frequency range. In effect, the music sounds balanced and you do not suffer from distorted sound - you actually hear MORE MUSIC.

For this product, Spinnin' Records / Earproof got together with world renowned deep house artist Ferreck Dawn, who's experienced ear damage and was happy to join MORE MUSIC.

"I've been dealing with tinnitus / permanent ear damage for 10 years now. It's something that affects me every single day and I wish I used ear protection back in the day to prevent it from happening. I NEVER leave the house without my earplugs and always wear protection when DJing, either earplugs with filters or in-ear monitors. Be smart and don't make the same mistake I did. Start using the earplugs with filters, get acquainted with them and I'm positive you'll never go to events without them." - Ferreck Dawn

The Spinnin' earplugs will be for sale soon at Spinnin's webshop.