New DVBBS single 'Not Going Home' out now!

Nov 18, 2016

Canadian-born duo DVBBS have taken the EDM scene by storm with their action-packed big room sound over the last few years. The pair has been busy touring and making music with some of the biggest artists in the music business. Their lead single, 'Not Going Home,' featuring Gia Koka off their latest EP ‘Beautiful Disaster', is out now. 

"’Not Going Home’ is sort of an anthem, a reminder that we all have roots and  we all come the same place. For some home is where the heart is and for others home is where the music is.” thus DVBBS.
The EP 'Beautiful Disaster' will be available on December 2nd and will feature collaborations with hip-hop superstar Juicy J and Stella Rio, just to name a few. When asked about making the EP and their inspiration DVBBS says: “This whole world exists in this sacred balance of ups and downs, positives and negatives, all coming together; a beautiful disaster.”

DVBBS had their debut release picked up by Universal in 2012,  brothers Alex and Christopher van den Hoef pride themselves on the most epic sounds, the most rampant, colorful riffs and over the top builds and drops, while they’ve shown their prowess in working with vocals.

The pop sensibilities of ‘Angel’, which hit #1 on the charts, and a glorious acoustic version of ‘Gold Skies’ have pointed a finger towards a more eclectic future – one they have hinted at for their debut album and their new record label KANARY. "KANARY isn't just going to be one of those EDM imprints.”, Alex said around its launch. “We're going to promote great music and want to be vastly different to the big labels that are out there currently.”.

Meanwhile their DJ career has grown relentlessly in tandem with 200 shows across the world a year and their high-energy presence behind (and on top of!) the decks. Including show-stopping performances everywhere from Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld to EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival and Hakkasan Las Vegas, they are working tirelessly to delight their huge global fan base.

Check the official video for 'Not Going Home' right here!