BLR reveals himself with 'Chá Preto'

Dec 9, 2016

BLR returns with his second much acclaimed single 'Chá Preto'. Again, it's turned into a DJ's favorite, displaying a love for sweet, melodic deep house, strong on percussion and hot blooded sounds - free to download for the next two weeks. FYI: with this track, formerly anonymous producer BLR also reveals his true identity!

BLR started to make waves early this year, when his debut single 'Nungwi' caught the attention of several DJs. With BLR's true identity unknown, 'Nungwi' was signed as the first release on Tiësto's newly launched deep house label AFTR:HRS. Following this, the track made an impressive tour past 2016's festival stages, showcasing a fresh new sound in contemporary deep house.

And now, BLR returns with 'Chá Preto', a record where he's taking his sound to trippy grounds, exciting, percussive and driven by strong vocal samples. Again, the track has been getting major DJ response, available now as a free download

By the way, BLR is revealing his true identity with this release! Watch this video for the official reveal