Who are getting their own radio show?

Jan 6, 2017

Don Diablo, Mike Williams and Sam Feldt will be hosting their their own show on Dutch radio station SLAM!. From today, the three Dutch DJ’s will be kicking off their own weekly radio show which will become a regular item in the popular ‘SLAM! MixMarathon’ each Friday.

Jochem Hamerling, Music Director SLAM!: “Don Diablo, Sam Feldt and Mike Williams are, without a doubt the big shots of this time, always managing to surprise you with good tracks and innovative DJ sets. From now on you can hear them on SLAM! on a weekly base and we are very proud of that.”

Don Diablo
Don Diablo isn’t just a DJ, producer and style icon, as of today he will also have his very own radio show on Dutch soil. Every Friday night he will be in the air with his show ‘Hexagon Radio’ from 6 till 7 PM on SLAM!. Don scored some big hits last year with ‘Cutting Shapes’ and ‘Chemicals’. On top of that he remixed tracks for Madonne, Rihanna and Ed Sheeran.

Don Diablo: “My radio show has grown a lot internationally over the past two years, so I’m very happy that I finally have my own official radio show in my home country. Prime time, Friday night, peak time on my favorite radio station.. I can’t wait!”

Sam Feldt
Sam Feldt is making massive waves all around the globe! He conquered a spot in the DJ Mag Top 100, received a SLAM! award for biggest talent and scored big international hits with ‘Summer On You’ and ‘Show Me Love’. Sam Feldt will host his own show called ‘Heartfeldt Radio’ on SLAM!. Tune in each Friday on 7 PM CET.

Sam Feldt: “I am really excited to start my weekly show on SLAM! and present my listeners to awesome new and old tracks. Happy to be a part of the SLAM! family now!”.

Mike WIlliams
Mike Williams is the man with the golden future. He scored major club hits worldwide. None other than Tiésto is his biggest fan and mentor. With his own show ‘Mike Williams on Track’ he will start a new chapter in his musical success story. Mike Williams will be hosting his show every Friday night at 1 AM CET.

Mike Williams: “I think it’s super cool to finally host my own radio show. To do this on SLAM! is fantastic. I can’t wait to share all the music with you!”

Find here a preview of his upcoming release 'Bambini' which will be released on January 9:

SLAM! MixMarathon
Every Friday, you can listen to the SLAM! MixMarathon for 24 hours long from 6 AM in the morning. With this the radio station created a stage for the biggest DJ talents and established world stars. Every Friday, the station steps away from traditional radio, and you will only get to hear DJ sets in full effect. The success of the popular radio format, resulted in a sold out event in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.