We Rave You premiere: Exclusive interview with Univz

Jan 9, 2017

We Rave You, one of the most prominent networks in the dance industry, has another premiere instore for us. Univz is one of the most unique artists and her new single ‘Stardust’ is a fact. Read more about her artistry and musical ambitions in this exclusive interview!

Univz just released her new single ‘Stardust’ and one thing is clear, she developed her own style for sure. In this exclusive interview, you can find out more about her views on life and musical inspirations.

"Also spotlighted on Spinnin’ Records’ '2017 Future Hits' mix, 'Stardust' looks to dominate the year with its remarkable sounds. From the moment the track begins to the time it concludes, the audience is taken to this otherworldly journey."

Listen to ‘Stardust’ below or get your free download here. As always Spinnin’ Premium releases are free to download for the first two weeks.