Alpaca madness with Lucas & Steve

Apr 26, 2017

Lucas & Steve are about to release their much anticipated new single 'Up Till Dawn (On The Move)'. If you start pre-saving the track to your playlist now, this Alpaca trip could be yours!

It's quite the thing how Dutch duo Lucas & Steve has reworked the Barthezz dance classic 'On The Move' into something really new and special. Just take a listen to this teaser and get ready for summer :)

Well, to celebrate the release of 'Up Till Dawn (On The Move)' on April 28th, the guys have now come up with an exciting, very animal friendly contest. As they are big, big fans of Alpaca's (you'll be hearing more about that soon), Lucas & Steve are giving away a trip to an Alpaca farm. Just pre-save the track to your Spotify playlist, and you might be the one going to an Alpaca farm with the duo!

Catch the official contest page here!

Dj Funky
Dj Funky1 year ago

I like this track, and the farm Ideal...unique Its always good to be different than others!

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