Join the Copyright Free Music video contest

Sep 1, 2017

New single 'Atom' by Madison Mars is about to create another wave of publicity, as it's the centerpoint of a unique video contest, launched through Spinnin's Copyright Free Music label. The winner gets the chance to be featured on Spinnin's TV channel, with an audience of over 18 million subscribers.

Spinnin’s Copyright Free Music label is a recently launched service offering video creators the possibility to legally download, use and monetize music in videos on Youtube & Twitch.

To underline the platform's potential, and create the best possible content for 'Atom', the label now presents an official video contest, free for everyone to join.

The concept is simple: create a cool video for this record! You're free to make whatever you like, then simply upload & promote it through your channels. After that, Spinnin' will look for these online submissions and select a Top 10 of video's. From these video's, one winner will be featured on Spinnin's YouTube channel, presented to an audience of over 18 million subscribers.

To give you some background info, 'Atom' by Madison Mars is one of the most anticipated record of 2017. Already described as 'track of the year', it was preceded by lots of hype as an acclaimed ID in Martin Garrix sets, followed by DJs like Tiësto and The Chainsmokers with the same amount of praise. Since then, 'Atom' has been subject to much speculation. Being formerly attributed to Martin Garrix and Brooks, it turned out no other than Madison Mars is the original producer of this record.

And now, you get the chance to create the video for this record. Check out the track, and join the 'Atom' video contest here!