Spinnin' Records launches tool to create your own year mix

Dec 14, 2017

Spinnin' Records has launched a unique tool that enables you to create your very own Best Of 2017 playlist. Check it out right here!  

You see them pop up everywhere round this time of year: the 'Best Of 2017' playlists. Everyone has his/her favorite tracks, and what better way to capture 2017 through music?

With this in mind, Spinnin' Records has built a very special tool, one that looks at all the music you played during the year, and then creates a playlist with Spinnin' music that fits your taste. So, this can just as easily include tracks you haven't even heard yet, but are the perfect addition to what you've been listening to. For sure, a nice way to discover new music through your 'best of 2017' year mix!

Discover your personal Spinnin' 'best of 2017' playlist here!