Spinnin' Records is looking for you!

Feb 14, 2018

Always wanted to work at Spinnin’ Records? Here is your chance!

-For Dutchies only!-

We currently have some very exciting job openings and maybe it is you that we’re looking for. Are you the next best Social Media expert or do you know everything about making websites? Then check out the vacancies right here. Please note these are for Dutch speaking people who live in the Netherlands.

Ishaan Rox
Ishaan Rox1 year ago

Hi Spinnin' Records My name is Ishaan . I have ready with a great song. Can you publish it?.If you will don't like it then it's no problem. But at least keep a listen to it. You can listen it on SoundCloud. My id- Ishaan Rox. Remember I have no display picture on SoundCloud. I am telling this 'coz there is also an another Ishaan Rox also. But he didn't have published a song.

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