We're giving it all away

Feb 23, 2018

There's some interesting contests going on at the moment, giving you the chance to win Miami tickets, VIP entry, tickets to a Bingo Players show, an Undone watch, merchandise and a full Denon DJ set!

Ok, you ready to score some cool prizes? How about tickets to a Bingo Players show to your liking + BP merchandise? All you have to do is pre-save the upcoming single 'Everybody' on Spotify to get a shot at this. 
Go down to the contest page to join!

Also going on right now, a contest where you can win a full Denon DJ set by supporting the new Lucas & Steve x Janieck single 'You Don't Have To Like It'. 
Visit the contest page here!

Due to the new Dyro & GTA single 'Talkin' Bout' we recently launched a contest where you can win a custom made Undone watch, this one is also still going strong.
Visit the contest page here! 

Miami madness!
And then there's the Miami contests where still hosting at the moment. You can win VIP access + a stay in the hotel for every of the five pool party's at Spinnin' Hotel through our Golden Tickets contest. And if you happen to be a vlog/video maker, you gotta check our search for content creators, cause you might just be the one we fly to Miami and give access to all the parties.


Nishchal8 months ago

Hey spinnin'. I am not able to find my remix in the contest of "you don't have to like it" would you please let me know about it. And when will the winner announced???

Score: 1
21051100328487179 months ago

Hi Spinnin'! My sister and I were wondering if the winner for the ''Content Creators'' has already been announced? 😀 XoXo Mariella & Denise (Hippsetters)

Score: 1
CRMN9 months ago

Guys support my remix for the contest !

Score: 0
primafasha9 months ago

can i win?

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