Exclusive interview: New Dance Music Friday with Bingo Players

Mar 9, 2018

We proudly present the New Dance Music Friday feature, your weekly update on all newly released dance tracks, brought together on one amazing Spotify playlist. Featured this week (among many others): Bingo Players! The Dutch act releases new single 'Everybody' together with Goshfather today, and talks about the creation of it in this exclusive interview.

Hey, you just released your new single 'Everybody' together with Goshfather. How did you create this?
"'I met Goshfather when I did a show in LA. We found out we had similar taste in music, especially when it comes to the French filter house that was very popular in Europe during the mid 90’s till early 2000’s. Think of early Daft Punk for example. He already had a demo of 'Everybody' and I loved it! I thought I could bring something extra to the record so he sent it over and I worked on it in my studio, using some classic analog gear to make it sound even more like the early French house records."

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
"I always loved producing groovy/disco/filter house music, in fact, it’s one of the first styles I started making as a producer. It’s fun to do something else now and then and I feel I have more creative freedom when making these kind of records."

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist. How important is Spotify to you?
"Spotify undoubtedly became very important in the last few years. The shift from buying music on other platforms to streaming has been huge, so having presence on Spotify is crucial for artists nowadays! Hopefully people enjoy and stream 'Everybody'."

Which recently released dance tracks should definitely be added to New Dance Music Friday?

Sgt Slick - 'Hermosa'

Klahr - 'Live It Out'

ZHU x Tame Impala - 'My Life'

Moon Boots Feat. Black Gatsby - 'Power (Mylo Remix)'

TV Noise - 'Run'

[Please note this playlist will change a week after this post]