VIDEO: Watch the official video of the new Afro Bros single 'So Much Love'

Mar 13, 2018

Last Friday, the Afro Bros released their much anticipated new single 'So Much Love'. Now, the official video has gone live, and it's a beauty!

'So Much Love' is a record that builds on the addictive 'Tragiton' rhythm, the famed club tune released by Afro Bros last year. Now they've added a catchy reggae/pop arrangement that takes the song to exciting new heights. On vocal duty upcoming UK singer-songwriter Stevie Appleton, and the esteemed Jamaican vocalist Charly Black, whose vocal chops seem to be the missing link of what could very well become one of this year's undeniable summer hits. 

Shot in Jamaica, together with Charly Black and Stevie Appleton, the video is a beautiful portrait of Jamaican street life, underlined by the sweet sounds of 'So Much Love'.

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BLUE78 months ago

Love the song and the video Great track Afro Bros

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