Spinnin’ Records is ‘voice-ready’ with rebranded playlists

Mar 27, 2018

Spinnin’ Records has today revealed a full rebranding of its top playlists. This means that playlists can now be found under a new succinct name, all have a unique theme and iconic-branding, making it more compatible for the streaming age and ready for voice-activated technology. 

In today’s world, streaming services provide instant access to endless music libraries which has created a consumer demand for ‘infinite streams’ of content. Instead of listening to a single track or album, listening behaviour has switched to curated playlists which are increasingly linked to moods or moments.

While curated music content is becoming the norm, voice-recognition is rapidly changing the digital landscape. According to Google, about 20 percent of all mobile search queries are done using voice commands which will grow to 50 percent within the next two years. Where the internet can be used to easily create context for brands, services and products, voice-tech requires a new and different way of helping customers find what they need or want.

With the refreshed branding, Spinnin’ Records aims to create specific, top-of-mind branded keywords that can work as anchor points while asking a voice enabled product which music to play.

Meindert Kennis, Head of Digital Strategies at Spinnin’ Records comments: “Having a personal AI-assistant and using it in everyday life is closer than we might realise. This means that voice is an important element in the overall mix of technology touchpoints for products and services. As a brand you need to be prepared for a new way of communication between your consumer and its assistent.”

Rebranded playlists include:

HUNDRED  – Previously known as the Spinnin’ Records Top 100, this continues to be Spinnin's flagship playlist featuring the hottest selection of dance music essentials.

BRAND NEW - Simply the best new dance tunes from the various Spinnin' labels.

FIT– Hustle for that muscle with the ultimate motivation boost. Non-stop music for non-stop energy.

PIXELSpinnin’s high-scoring soundtracks to fulfil every gamer’s needs. Just don’t forget to mute your mic.