Your Weekly Playlist Update #7

May 16, 2018

So much music, so little time. Therefore, we present you this weekly update with some of the greatest playlists out there, making it even more easy for you to discover new tunes! This week: All Day Dance Party, New Dance and Massive Dance Hits.

Why not have an All Day Dance Party on this wonderful Wednesday? Well, YWPU is here to bring you just that, as we present you this very nice playlist on Apple Music, currently featuring the new single 'Sex Like Me' from Loud Luxury.

Moving on with some New Dance, as presented on this Deezer playlist. You can find the new Cheat Codes track 'Balenciaga' right on the cover, followed by loads of other sweet tunes.

The third playlist tip this week is Massive Dance Hits, on Spotify, that recently added the new singles from Alyx Ander & Redondo, Alok and Jack Wins - enjoy!