Exclusive interview: New Dance Music Friday with Dastic

May 18, 2018

We proudly present the New Dance Music Friday feature, your weekly update on all newly released dance tracks, brought together on one amazing playlist. Featured this week (among many others): Dastic! He's released his new single 'Heartbeat' together with Robbie Mendez, and talks about the creation of it in this exclusive interview.

Hey, you just released your new single 'Heartbeat' together with Robbie Mendez. How did you create this?
"The funny thing about this track is that we never actually worked in te studio together. Everything happened on WhatsApp, Facetime and over the phone. Robbie sent me the idea and I started working on it, after that we sent the stems to each other over and over again and finished the track."

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
"I made some more pop orientated tracks the last year, but now I am all back with Future Bounce. Expect more from me the next months haha!"

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. How important is streaming to you?
"Streaming is really important nowadays, it gives you the opportunity to reach a lot of people easily. Spotify etc are getting more and more important nowadays."

Which recently released dance tracks should definitely be added to New Dance Music Friday?

Mike Williams - 'Give It Up'

Don Diablo - 'Wake Me When It’s Quiet'

Camelphat - 'Panic Room'

OFFAIAH - 'Private Room'

[Please note this playlist will change a week after this post]

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