VIDEO: Watch Mesto and Jay Hardway answer some difficult questions

Jul 5, 2018

To celebrate the release of their newest track ‘Save Me’, Jay Hardway and Mesto asked their followers on Instagram to send in questions for a Q&A, and some are pretty hilarious. Here are their answers!

Don't forget to also watch the official video for 'Save Me', that just went live this week!


Dj Fuelbass
Dj Fuelbass3 months ago

One more question, What if you run out of ideas?

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musicismylife4 months ago


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DJ Swiftsound
DJ Swiftsound4 months ago

Keep up the good work! I'd love another collab in the future! Respect from Chicago, USA

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Jonathan Wiceway
Jonathan Wiceway4 months ago

So deep freedom feeling. And so good that there are these same feelings also in video even vithout sounds so there are only the same feelings in track that making everything to stay in harmony.
This track is so easy in listening that is so simple is being trend-setter for melodic part EDM sounding.
That is very nice and enough pretty-melodic trend this summer.
So that I like it and that is just so interested in listening your next works that you will for make it anyway just in your this way that already in being so deeper these simple feelings just will be even more than you think it to make.

I just feel freedom with making inspire for everyone to making any ways to feel free in such only way that wherever we are whoever only in being ourselves all these we are in whatever all these ways to be free we are living in one freedom so this whenever all in right now.

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SPECTRICK-LEAD4 months ago

this is so cool

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Spirex4 months ago

Very Big Tune Guys big Noices and good Vocals.

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