Exclusive interview: EDX gets ready for Spinnin' Sessions London

Jul 12, 2018

This Saturday July 14th, Spinnin' Sessions will make its London debut, presenting a night long party in renowned club Ministry Of Sound. One of the performing artists is EDX, who did an exclusive interview and delivered an exclusive warm-up mix for us. 

Earlier this week, we already brought you BLR with an exclusive mix plus interview with Ministry Of Sound. Now we present EDX, read his interview below and don't forget to check out the mix he did!

After a successful 2017, the start to your 2018 has been very similar, how has this year been for you so far?
"I’m very lucky as 2017 was one of my most successful years, with a lot of releases and really amazing feedback for each. The journey on tour was even better, with some amazing shows all over the world. 2018 started in more or less a similar fashion, however I decided to release slightly less much and focus on my worldwide touring schedule. Having said that, my remixes and original remixes this year have all topped the Beatport charts, and I’ve received some amazing feedback from my fans, so hopefully 2018 will be another year for the books."

Your 2018 has been very busy as you’ve played at many clubs and festivals worldwide during your tour, what has been your highlight?
"It’s not easy just to pick one highlight, especially when you’re touring so many territories. In the first couple of months of the year I played shows in almost every continent around the world and each one was special in its own way. It was great to go back to Australia as it was one of the first places where I grew up, and the No Xcuses party in Miami was amazing as always and the 7th year in a row we’ve thrown that party. The No Xcuses Yacht party in New York was another memorable show — being able to play right in front of the Statue of Liberty is a very special thing." 

Where is your ‘Make Me Feel’ tour going to take you to over the summer?
"We kicked off the tour in June which was a crazy month, and now we have another 14 dates in July, with an amazing run of dates I recently finished across North America. I’m also playing some dates in Ibiza and lots of European summer festivals. There are a lot more shows to be announced soon so stay tuned!"

You’ve performed in front of many different crowds across the world, how does a London crowd compare to others?
"When I was a kid I used to listen to lots of UK radio shows from the likes of Carl Cox, Fabio & Grooverider, DJ Hype and others, and I was very inspired by what they were doing. The UK crowd is very into their music and a very dedicated audience, so there’s slightly more pressure as the crowd is always educated. I’m really looking forward to my London show - the fans are always up for it and it’s great to be back again so soon."

Over the next few months can we expect to hear some new music from you?
"Absolutely. There are a couple of records ready to go, I’m just waiting for the right moment to put them out there. There will be new remixes, some more housey stuff, and an original EDX vocal track like there is every year."

What track that you have recently been playing gets the best reaction from the crowd?
"Haha..I would say every EDX track ;) but there are a lot of other tracks too. I’m really enjoying the whole remix package for 'Shake Down At Night', the new track from Watermät called 'Need U’ and on the indie side I really like Pax - 'Electric Feel'. From my own tracks I’m still getting a great reaction from 'Jaded' which was out in January, and my remix for Janelle Monae which was released in April. I’m also really liking everything that Sons Of Maria and Croatia Squad are putting out right now."

Having played at numerous venues across the world, what is the craziest experience you’ve ever had at a club or festival?
"I’m originally from a very small town, so relative to that there are so many crazy experiences working in dance music. I’m just super excited to be able to play my music all over the world and for me that still feels crazy, even after doing it for 25 years.  I love to play both clubs and festivals as they each have their own charm and feel to them. I played a festival in Guatemala over Easter Weekend one year and it was the second time I played that country. Coming back the second time, the reaction I got from the crowd was something I never experienced before. Everybody was holding NoXcuses banners and people were just going nuts. The unexpected shows are always the craziest."

Two tracks you have released this year ‘Anthem’ and ‘Jaded’ have got an amazing reaction online and millions of streams on Spotify, how have the reactions been whilst playing them live?
"The reactions have been fantastic. I’m very thankful that even the more club driven records are getting such a huge amount of love on Spotify, not just on Beatport. It’s amazing that the audience is so receptive to this sort of music. I released a lot of vocal tracks towards the end of the year (like my remix for Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long’) so I wanted to focus on more club records this year. With 'Anthem', I approached the production process in a slightly different way, using a fusion of raw beats and disco loops and I think it’ll be a record that stands the test of time."

Now onto the Spinnin’ London show at Ministry of Sound, you played at Ministry of Sound back in February and have played there numerous times before, what are you most looking forward to about returning?
"It’s always special to be back in London. Ministry of Sound is not just an amazing club, with an amazing soundsystem and great DJ booth, but it has also been one of the biggest dance brands for decades. It’s always a gig that I look forward to and I’m super happy to be coming back for the second time this year. I’m also looking forward to playing a Saturday as I usually play Friday. In addition to that, Spinnin' is another one of the biggest dance brands out there so I think it’ll be an amazing party. It’ll also be a great opportunity to see a lot of my friends in the industry."

Lastly, what can you promise fans ahead of your performance at the huge Spinnin’ Sessions London debut show?
"I’m really looking forward to road testing some unreleased EDX music and some exclusive IDs so stay tuned and make some noise on the dance floor."