Your Weekly Playlist Update #15

Jul 25, 2018

So much music, so little time. Therefore, we present you this weekly update with some of the greatest playlists out there, making it even more easy for you to discover new tunes! This week: Global Dance, Hundred and Dancehall Official.

Summer is in full effect, and here's a sweet playlist on Apple Music to get things even sweatier: Global Dance, including the new Vintage Culture tune 'Pour Over'. Enjoy!

Following this, we've got our famed Hundred playlist lined up for you, which has turned into a real chart filled with the most popular new dance records. Listen to it on Deezer:

And finally, some fresh dancehall vibes on the Dancehall Official playlist on Spotify, currently featuring that oh so lovely tune by Afro Bros together with Stevie Appleton - 'So Much Love'.