Kris Kross Amsterdam reaches 1 billion streams

Feb 15, 2019

Dutch act Kris Kross Amsterdam has reached the milestone of 1 billion streams. The group of Sander Huisman, Jordy Huisman en Yuki Kempees received an award for this during Dutch TV show RTL Late Night, where they were guests due to the success of their current single 'Hij Is Van Mij', together with singers Maan and Tabitha, and rapper Bizzey.

KKA has been enjoying radio and streaming success since its second single 'SEX' in 2016, a collab with US act Cheat Codes that was picked up all over the world. By now, the track counts over 500 million Spotify streams, while the music video was watched over 140 million times. Following this, the streams started to add up, with hits like 'Are You Sure?', 'Gone Is The Night' and 'Vámonos', last year's latin hit that saw the guys team up with Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke.

2018 also saw them release a straight up summer hit with ‘Whenever’, a striking version of the well known Shakira tune, together with The Boy Next Door and Conor Maynard. By now, it counts 155 million (!) streams on Spotify.

The magic mark of 1 billion (combined) streams was getting closer, when KKA dropped its first ever single in the Dutch language last December: 'Hij Is Van Mij', a collab with singers Maan and Tabitha, and rapper Bizzey.

Sure enough, the track hit #1 on both Spotify NL's Top 50 and (since last week) the official Top 40. Again, millions of streams were scored, including 17 million Spotify plays and over 7 million YouTube views (and counting). By now, the record is Platinum, handed out to the artists last week, when they performed the song live at the popular Dutch TV show The Voice Of Holland.

All combined (including streaming portals like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, and all views on YouTube) it's official now: as one of the few Dutch acts, Kris Kross Amsterdam has now reached a total of 1 billion streams! To underline: this comes down to approximately 35,000,000 minutes = 583,333 hours = 24,305 days = roughly 66 years of playing KKA music. 

“We're so incredibly proud for reaching a billion streams, and reaching this with our first ever #1 hit! This surely is a milestone in our career, and we're happy to share this moment with Maan, Tabitha and Bizzey!” - Kris Kross Amsterdam