People stuck in mountains while skiing, how to avoid this at Electric Mountain Festival?

Mar 13, 2019

Lots of people get stuck while they're skiing in the mountains. There are several situations to become in a situation like that: hard wind and ski lifts are shutting down. Now Electric Mountain Festival is coming up, including a cool Spinnin' Sessions stage, in Sölden, Austria. Don't be scared to get stuck, because here are some tips and tricks! 

1. Don't join a bar on top of the mountains
This is a easy way to avoid the lifts. If you don't go to the top of the mountain to drink a cocktail, you don't have to go down. This avoids a risky, windy trip with a ski lift. 


2. Wear a windshield
The easiest way to avoid the wind, is wearing a windshield. This isn't the most practical way, but it works. If the ski lift is closed, you always can fly downwards with this great solution.


3. Keep drinking cocktails

Is it too cozy up there? Just keep drinking, till the wind is gone... or till the moment you don't feel the wind anymore. First solution is safe, second solution less. 


4. Try before you die
Are you up there and don't know what to do, but you are a daring person? Just go down with your skies! Maybe you will go very fast, maybe you will not. It is really a 'try before you die'-thing! 


5. Most important: keep partying at Electric Mountain Festival!
This is the most important tip if you won't get stock in the mountains. Just keep partying with Robin Schulz, R3HAB, EDX and Le Shuuk! You are always safe, except the cocktails and many beers.

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