Miami insights with Sander van Doorn, Throttle and Bassjackers!

Mar 20, 2019

Five days of partying are on its way in Miami with Spinnin' Hotel, including Spinnin' Sessions, Spinnin' Deep, Robin Schulz & Friends, Heldeep Pool Party and Sander van Doorn Presents! To get ready for this huge event, we have some insights from Sander van Doorn, Throttle and Bassjackers.

One thing is clear: Miami is awesome! But what makes Miami Music Week so special? Sander van Doorn says: "the vibe, the gathering of people all over the world and the music". Overall Miami is special, but he thinks that everything is special about this week. Sander describes the best outfit as 'short pants, shirt, sunglasses and flip flops'. Just like this! 

Okay, maybe not fair... this photo is taken in Ibiza. But he means exactly the same outfit! 

Now you are ready to join Miami with the perfect outfit. With the perfect outfit you can join a bar, hotel or visit awesome spots. One of Bassjackers' favorite spots is Miami Beach or Wynwood and he loves to drink an ice cold beer. Simple, but of course very effective! And we have proof...


Een bericht dat is gedeeld door @bassjackers op

Last but not least: Throttle! The man who loves Miami Music Week because it is one of the few times during the year where everyone in the industry is in the same place at the same time. "From DJs to fans, bookers, managers and record labels. It's the best place to catch up with everyone, find new talent and catch up with fans. It's really special", says Throttle, who will be hosting his own Dirty Disco party there. He recommends the 'Basement', a nightclub with a bowling alley and an ice ring inside! Sounds cool, right? Look at the picture, it also looks cool! 


Een bericht gedeeld door throttle (@throttle) op

We are not sure if this is the place he means, but Throttle on the ice looks very cool, right? 

Now you have an idea of Miami and ready for Spinnin' Hotel! Are these things not enough reasons to join... here are a couple of reasons of Sander van Doorn, Throttle and Bassjackers:

* Various types of music;
* Awesome people; 
* Really great parties like: Sander van Doorn's party on Saturday and Spinnin' Sessions with Bassjackers;
* It's a great venue;
* There is one of the best beaches of the world and you can go iceskating in a club!

Are you excited now to go to Miami? Get your tickets for Spinnin' Hotel right here, right now!