Mar 21, 2019

Spinnin' Hotel in Miami will open its doors again in exactly one week! During Miami Music Week we will host the fourth edition of Spinnin' Hotel in Nautilus, a Sixty Hotel. This year will be awesome again, but why was it incredible last year? Take a look and we'll give you a reason why you should be there! 

1. Because it is. Check the aftermovie of 2018!

2. The best DJs are going to party with you! 


Een bericht gedeeld door Lucas & Steve (@lucasandsteve) op

3. The DJs love to take the time for you!


Een bericht gedeeld door Ayano (@aya_08k) op

4. You're in Miami! 


5. Pool parties are awesome and Sander van Doorn gives one!


Een bericht gedeeld door C A M I ☾ (@camiluquev) op

And there are many more reasons... sunny weather, the best DJs, incredible parties and you'll never get bored! Just join Spinnin' Hotel and find out yourself.