Coming up this month: Merk & Kremont, Madison Mars, Steve Aoki & Alok, EDX & Amba Shepherd and many more!

Apr 1, 2019

It is the first day of a new month! The festivalseason is coming up, so an awesome reason for you to check out the releases of this month: April. 

Merk & Kremont - Gucci Fendi Prada - APRIL 15
A couple of weeks ago Merk & Kremont released 'Sushi' and now it is time for something new. At the 5th of April they are releasing 'Gucci Fendi Prada'! It sounds more expensive than all of the brands together. Check out their song this friday!

Steve Aoki & Alok - Do It Again - APRIL 12 
Alok reached 1 billion streams and is still rising! Now Alok collabs with Steve Aoki on a new track. At the 12th of April they will release 'Do It Again'. It is one for the books! 

Madison Mars - Night Call (with Letters from Pluto) - APRIL 12
Madison Mars released recently his track 'Mirai' and at the 5th of April he will release 'Night Call'. It is a little different approach than usual, a mix of classic house and future house. This mix will bring you in the mood for endless summer nights! Check it out on the 5th of April. 

EDX & Amba Shepherd - 'Off The Grid'  - APRIL 26
EDX was one of the final acts at Spinnin' Hotel and he isn't planning on relaxing. At April 26 he comes with a new release called 'Off The Grid' with Amba Shepherd! "It's been getting great reactions already on the dancefloor when I've been road-testing it all over the world and I'm super happy with the finished product", says EDX. Be ready for this one! 

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