New on Friday: EDX is happy to share this new single with Amba Shepherd!

Apr 26, 2019

EDX and Amba Shepherd released their new single 'Off The Grid'. "I'm so excited to be finally sharing my new single with you guys!", EDX says. He already tested this track and the reactions were great! Now the single is officialy out and you need to check it out!

2018 has been a incredible good year for EDX, but 2019 is already shaping up to be one of the biggest years in his illustrious career. Following a 'Best Remixed Recording' Grammy-nomination for his remix 'How Long' by Charlie Puth, and with his latest hit ‘Who Cares’ topping charts worldwide, Switzerland’s most streamed artist ever now announces his next huge single, called 'Off The Grid'. 

"Working with Amba was a great experience as she's got such an incredible voice and is an amazing songwriter", EDX commented. Also Amba Shepherd is really excited to make this single heard: "He is such an iconic artist and we have been chatting for a while so it's amazing to see our work come together with this record."

EDX and Amba Shepherd are very enthusiastic and we hope you are too! Check out the new single of EDX and Amba Shepherd now!