Talent Pool Spotlight: ASOX does something 'no one ever did before'

May 6, 2019

It's time for a new Talent Pool Spotlight! Today ASOX released a new single, called 'Rude Boy' and that's a sound no one ever did before, he says. Check out the exclusive interview!

When ASOX started with making music, he tought 'Ok, now I have to do something that no one has ever heard yet', and 'Rude Boy' is the result of it. "This is the result! The drop is heave with a catchy melody and I can't wait to play it in the club", he says. His style is always different, but he loves bass house the most. "But I usually produce whatever I feel like".

What makes you unique as artist?
ASOX is very clear in his answer with this question: "My personality, my sense of originality and all the different sounds I was inspired by. I think that an artist, in order to be unique, needs to follow his instinct and instead of trying to copy other artists."

What is your goal with your music?
There's just one goal: "Nowadays my target is to improve and realize my biggest dream to become a big artist. I love the music in general and I'll give it all to reach the top", he said. 

Check out ASOX' release 'Rude Boy' now!