Mike Williams presents third part in music video series

May 10, 2019

Mike Williams has delivered the music video for his new single 'Wait For You'. This is the third part in a video series, following up on a story with the music video's for earlier singles 'Wait Another Day' and 'I Got You'. The final part of the story will follow later this year..

'Wait For You' features Swedish singer Maia Wright and is a record that brings infectious chords and feelgood vibes, working up catchy pop sentiments along with Williams' well known melodics, all packed together in an overwhelming chorus. 

Here's what Mike says about it:
"I’ve been working on this track for quite a while now. And I had so much fun producing it. It’s actually one of my very first non ‘edm’ tracks, so it's double as exciting. Not only to hear and see what everyone's reaction is – like always with releases, but also a difference in my usual style. This doesn’t mean I will only be releasing in this genre, I just like to mix things up a little and explore the diversity and my skills. To have the talented Maia on the vocals made it so smooth and easy. Can’t wait for this one to come out!''

As said, the official music video is out now too. It's the third part of a story, started with the music video's for 'Wait Another Day' and 'I Got You', including a cameo from Mike himself - see if you can spot him!