Talent Pool Spotlight: Albert Breaker and RAIDH teamed up and made 'Molly'

May 13, 2019

Albert Breaker and RAIDH are the Talent Pool Spotlight of this week! They released 'Molly' today. 

'Molly' is Albert Breaker and RAIDH's latest track. They're two new talents who released their track via our Talent Pool imprint! This track is a 'difficult' track, they said: "The track is not very simple, but not very complex either. The sounds that I’m using are completely new and original". This release is specifically for everyone who likes to party: "I chose this style of track because I’ve always loved Bass House and how the bass takes the crowd to the next level."

For everyone who doesn't know about the Talent Pool or hasn't published a track yet, Albert Breaker and RAIDH give you the perfect reason to: "I really like how it works and how the artists can showcase their tracks to a big audience."

Check out 'Molly' now!