Talent Pool Spotlight: Samlight & Stage Republic released their motivating and high energetic 'Welcome'

May 26, 2019

Today's Talent Pool Spotlight is Samlight and Stage Republic's track 'Welcome'! It's a track that's really motivating and gives you a lot of energy. Check out the exclusive interview!

What can you tell us about this track? 
"'Welcome' tells about the power of music and that great feeling to play your music to other people. As I usually like to make my music, big emotions with catchy melodies. I think the track is really motivating and gives you huge energy", Samlight said. They sent some ideas to each other and Sam wanted to make an intro for his live sets. "Sam sent me an instrumental and told me he had this idea of doing an opening track for his live sets. I loved that idea and 'Welcome' was born", said Stage Republic.

What makes you unique as artist?
Stage Republic is unique with his 'versatility', he mentions. "I work with many different DJ/Producers and along the way I have learned to quickly adapt to what the they need without losing my identity as a singer and songwriter." But the way he works with Samlight is unique: "Still, when I work with Samlight something magical happens. Love his chord progressions and melodies", Stage Republic said. That's exactly what makes Samlight unique: "My distinctive melodical approach and the way I transform feelings into music is something unique".

What do you like most about the Talent Pool?
Samlight loves the interaction with people from Spinnin' Records: "I like the way how Talent Pool is supporting all the talented producers no matter how popular you are. Spinnin' Talent Pool is also giving great tips about producing and how to get further with your music."

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Check out 'Welcome' by Samlight & Stage Republic now.