Talent Pool Spotlight: Maor Miller brings a fresh approach to the scene with 'Will You'

Jun 9, 2019

It is Monday again, so time for a new Talent Pool Spotlight! Today we're releasing Maor Miller's 'Will You' and it sounds amazing. Check out the exclusive interview now!

What can you tell us about this track?
"It took us some decent time to discuss and agree about the style it's going to represent", Maoar Miller said. Finally they agreed it's going to be around the tropical house direction. "For me personally it was very important to keep the emotions and feelings high and loud with this track." He was also experimenting with the vocals: "The vocal is pretty exciting and the melody was set to be exactly the same."

What makes you unique as an artist?
"What makes me a pretty unique or say a special artist, is the mixture and variety of tracks that I can produce, and second be related to. I can pretty much re-invent myself in every new project. I'm bringing a fresh approach to the scene and produce different style of music on a high level", quotes Maoar.

What is your goal with your music?
"The main goal honestly is to have the feeling and understanding that I'm actually touching as many people as possible", Maoar said. He wants to make the people feel what he's originally thought off while making the track. It's all about emotions. "It can be just a happy heart from summer vibes or feeling sad (some may say depression is the best way to touch an audience) from a song that really make them feel it’s talking about themselves, to a complete inner explosion when the track just feels right."

Listen Maoar Miller - Will You (feat. Darius & Finlay) now!